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Whether you are desirous of a gentle refreshing massage with dimmed lights, the fragrance of incense and soothing music or perhaps a therapeutic whole body massage or a specific area massaged, Debbie can help.

Do you have office shoulders or truckies' back?  With 15 years of experience, and still studying, Debbie has a wealth of knowledge of the body, the muscles and joints. Call or email her to book an appointment.

You may talk to someone about health or think you would love a massage and then donít take action. Why is that? Donít neglect your self again, call or email to book your appointment.

When you visit Clinic 151 it is worth allowing an little extra time as the clinic is situated near the calming Edgewater lake and offers a marvellous meditative walk after the massage or consultation.

The cream of choice is an aqueous cream infused with flower essences to enhance the relaxation. The beauty of an aqueous cream is that it is water based and will not stain clothes or make them smelly. Always a good thing. :-)

Massage Modalities


A beautifully relaxing massage that relaxes mind, muscles & joints. 

Traditional Thai Massage

Involves a combination of gentle stretched & acupressure techniques applied through clothing (without oils), assisting recipients to feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy

A form of pressure therapy which relieves injured or sore areas of your body, leaving you relaxed and energised. Usually incorporated within the whole body massage.

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen technique is an unusual form of massage. During a Bowen treatment the fascia (outer layer of connective tissue covering bones, muscles, veins organs etc) is gently activated and manipulated to facilitate hydration. This allows the release of unwanted tension (or pain) in muscles or joints.


Clinic 151 - Relax, Reenergise and Rejuvenate