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With today’s busy life, sometimes you need a hand to get your spark back.

Sometimes when you know that your health isn’t as it should be, you can get lost on where to go to be heard, to be educated on how your body works and helped on how you can help yourself.

Debbie’s approach to Naturopathy is to listen to your health concerns, to ask questions until she has a clear picture of what ails you. Along with her gentle technique of discussion, explanation and education, she may also recommend lifestyle changes and perhaps some healing herbs or homeopathy.

Debbie’s intent in a Naturopathy Consultation is that you should complete the first consultation empowered and motivated, with a clear and manageable set of goals. You will also understand the direction of the healing process and how many times you will need to return. For most general ailments you will only require 2 to 3 appointments.


Energy and Vibrational Healing


Based on the philosophy that 'like cures like', homoepathy treats disease or illness with potentised doses (very small doses that only include the vibration of the substance, and have no actual molecular remnants) of a substance that would, in a healthy person, produce symptoms similar to the disease being treated. Homeopathy, although relatively new in Perth, has been used for hundreds of years in Europe and India.

Pranic Healing

An ancient form of healing that has been developed and contemporised by Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a powerful 'non-touch' healing technique that brings the body and mind back into balance. The basic concept is one of cleansing and re-energising the aura and chakras.


Creates a sense of well-being and deep relaxation by channelling universal healing/love energy through the practitioner's hands into the body of the client.



Clinic 151 - Relax, Reenergise and Rejuvenate